Mandrel bending round tubeNo matter the size of your business, outsourcing can offer significant benefits, such as cost savings from increased efficiencies, savings in infrastructure and manufacturing technology, faster and better services. There are also key advantages to having the time to work on the core areas of your business—leaving your outsourcing partner to do the detailed and time-consuming work of finding access to skilled resources.

Having a strong manufacturing partner can help you control overall costs, improve the quality of your final products, minimise the amount of stock that you need to keep on hand and increase the overall productivity of your business: all of which lead to an enhanced bottom line.

While bringing manufacturing in-house may make sense for more generic products, specialised items that require deep knowledge such as mandrel bending, section rolling, fabrication, finishing and delivery are specific and detailed enough that you will save yourself time, effort and frustration by outsourcing the manufacturing portion of your process.

When you entrust your work to us, you know that these services are always performed at the highest quality level and with the lowest cost possible—all while retaining local jobs in Australia.Mandrel bending pipe radius

  • Mandrel bending
  • Section rolling
  • Coded welding to ASME IX
  • Fabrication, general welding and assembly
  • Standards and compliance
  • Materials and finishing
  • Packaging, handling and delivery

View our full set of technical specifications and capacities below.

Mandrel bending
  • CNC bending up to 76mm Ø
  • Manual bending up to 168mm Ø
  • Semi-automatic bending to 76mm Ø
  • Pipe and tube
  • SHS & RHS
  • Asymmetrical sections


Section rolling
  • Coils – flat
  • Coils – spiral
  • Pipe and tube
  • Angle, flatbar, channel, SHS & RHS
  • Asymmetrical sections


Fabrication, welding and assembly
  • Pre-qualified and coded welding
    • MIG
    • TIG
    • Oxy
    • AS1450 SP & GP
    • ASME IX
  • Build to print structural components and sub-assemblies
  • Automatic and manual metal cutting
  • Pipe threading
  • Punch and shear
Standards and compliance
  • ISO9001 Certification
  • NACE certified painting
  • Pre-qualified welding
    • AS1450 SP & GP
    • ASME IX
  • Defence Accredited Supplier
  • Australian Made Certification
  • OH&S and environmental compliance


Materials and finishing
  • Materials
    • Carbon steel
    • Aluminium
    • Stainless steel
    • Copper
    • Brass
  • Finishing
    • Hot dip galvanising
    • Powder coating
    • Zinc plating
    • Chrome plating
    • Plastic dip coating
  • Packaging, handling and delivery
    • 5-tonne overhead crane
    • Freight tracking
    • National deliveries

Mandrel bending tool list

Mandrel Bending Tooling List