Industrial access systems. Manufactured locally. Built to last.

Industrial Access Products

ABECK is a leading provider of industrial access products. We manufacture and supply a wide range of steel grating and access products to numerous infrastructure, construction, and manufacturing companies. Our products are designed with safety, ease of installation, and innovation at the forefront.

Grating and Platform Solutions

Crafted to bear weight while minimizing excess mass, and enhancing ventilation and light penetration, our grating sets the benchmark for cost-effective and visually pleasing flooring solutions, all 100% Australian made. The open-floor grating by ABECK Group is built to high-quality, Australian standards that embody durability and fine craftsmanship, setting the bar in the industry.

ABECK Group bring your concepts to life leveraging off local manufacturing and assembly facilities tailored to offer unique solutions. ABECK offers straightforward, local solutions, generating job opportunities for Australians and promoting a sense of community.Our grating products such as forge-weld steel, metal stair treads, and walkway mesh, are designed to keep your people moving about safely. These products can be utilised as walkway flooring, screens, drain covers, or stairways. We ensure our grating and platform products are of the highest quality and are locally made to cater to our clients’ specifications.

We build industrial grating to your specifications, embodying innovation in each product. You can also choose from our full sheets available in black or galvanised finishes. We provide cut-outs, banding, and kick plates to complete custom projects. Our 100% Australian-made forge weld steel grating has been trusted by industry leaders such as BAE Systems Maritime Australia, ESSO Petroleum, Melbourne Water and BHP ‘The Big Australian’, and to name a few

Steel Handrail Systems

We are a premier Australian manufacturer of steel handrail systems, offering custom solutions tailored to your specific projects. Our ability to tackle challenging projects and deliver high-quality, innovative solutions sets us apart in the industry.

Installing handrails can be a daunting task, but we strive to simplify this process. We provide handrail solutions that can be assembled on-site, eliminating the need for specialised tools or welding.

Our offerings include innovative and versatile modular pipe and rail fittings, metal handrails, and modular handrail systems. We undertake construction of safety barriers, railings and racks, greenhouses, and structural frameworks. Our fittings do not require threading or welding and use a standard hex key for convenience. With our clever components and fittings, you can easily dismantle and redesign your structure using the same components.

We understand the importance of efficiency, and thus we do not require you to pre-fabricate tube structures in our shop. We ship these to you for assembly on-site, avoiding headaches with hot-permits, specialised, expensive labour, or equipment.

For further details, you can download our brochure that features our full product range, including technical specifications. Sample technical documents are available below.

New Australian Made Stock

Pattern Description Quantity Sheet Size
A255MPU A Pattern, Plain 3 6.0 x 1.25
C323MPU C Pattern, Plain 11 6.0 x 1.25
A325MPU A Pattern, Plain 7 6.0 x 1.25
C253MPU C Pattern, Plain 8 6.0 x 1.25
C255MPU C Pattern, Plain 9 6.0 x 1.25
A255MSU A Pattern, Plain 3 6.0 x 1.25
A325MSU A Pattern, Plain 6 6.0 x 1.25

Run Out Stock

A655MSU A Pattern, Plain 3 5.8 x 1.0
A255MSU A Pattern, Plain 2 5.8 x 1.2

Other Sizes available to order, 3-4 day lead time