Are you a Project Manager working on a Government-Funded Railroad Project?

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As the Project Manager on a Government-funded Railway job site, you’re probably dealing with competing project priorities every single day. In fact, while dealing with all of these priorities (whether they are conflicting instructions from above, or sourcing sundry for your site), you’re also stuck making sure that the project not only runs on time, but on (or below!) budget.

Managing these competing interests, sourcing the right materials, and dealing with time and budget constraints can be difficult, and that’s why I’ve pulled this eBook to help you out from a Built-to-Print supplier’s standpoint. It’s important to understand what we (or other suppliers) need from you to make sure the delivery time and budget always meets your expectations.

As the Director of ABECK Group, a Built-to-Print Constructional Component Fabricator providing Australian-Made Industrial Access Products for Railway Projects all over Australia, I’ve compiled the following tips to help you stay on-budget and on-time while juggling the various competing interests you get served with daily on site.

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