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Modular Stair Handrails FRP Non-Slip Nosing

It can be very frustrating when you’re right in the middle of installing handrails. You have to stop and find someone to weld the rails together so that you need to complete your project. However, finding modular handrail solutions that you can assemble on-site and that do not require special tools or welding can be a challenge, too. Fortunately, A Bending Company and Kazed Industrial Solutions (currently Kazed Group) have joined forces to create ABECK Group—a premier Australian manufacturer of modular handrail systems and metal handrails systems Australia. Look no further, ABECK Group to create a custom solution for your particular project need.

Both Kazed Industrial Solutions (currently Kazed Group) and A Bending Company are well-known for their ability to tackle tough projects and deliver high-quality and innovative solutions, so it’s no surprise that projects they collaborate on provide the best value available today.

ABECK prides itself on offering;

  • Innovative and versatile modular pipe and rail fittings, metal handrails and modular handrail systems in Australia.
  • Construction of safety barriers, railings and racks, greenhouses and structural frameworks.
  • Fittings require no threading or welding. instead, they use a standard hex key for convenience.
  • If you decide to redesign your structure you can dismantle your existing structure and reuse the components.
  • With our inventive production processes, there’s no need to pre-fabricate tube structures in our shop—we will ship it to you anywhere in Australia and you can assemble and build the final structure on your site.
  • Since you don’t need to weld anything, you will not have the headaches that come along with hot-permits, specialised, expensive labour or equipment.

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Download a sample technical document by clicking below:

    • Master Klamp Kee Handrail Modular Tees
    • Modular Handrails
    • Master Klamp kee Handrails Modular Elbows
    • Master Klamp kee Handrails Modular Flanges
    • Modular Pipe and Rail Fittings
    • Master Klamp kee Handrails Modular various
    • Master Klamp Kee Handrails Modular Aluminium
    • Master Klamp Kee Handrails DDA
  • Master Klamp Kee Handrails Modular Baulestrade Panels