ABECK Group’s bike rack product range

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ABECK Group’s bike rack product range
Don’t settle for bike parking racks that are built down to a price—ours are built up to your standards!
When you need commercial bike racks, you want to know that installation will be easy, and that there will be a high standard of quality. Ease of use is one of the hallmarks of Kazed bike parking racks, which demonstrate an ideal blend of Australian manufacturing and overall intuitive design.

Kazed will work with you to create affordable solutions to your basic bike parking rack needs; but can also design a complex and innovative bike parking rack that will certainly get attention. No matter your needs, Kazed is dedicated to customer service both before and after the sale, and wants to assure that you receive the right solution every time.

Our overall focus on security and our track record of ensuring that both cyclist and customers are what makes Kazed one of the leading manufacturers of commercial bike racks that are distributed throughout Australia. Since 2004, Kazed has been supplying innovative, thoughtful and well-engineered commercial bike racks that encourage bicycling in urban areas. By promoting this healthy choice, Kazed expands their corporate spotlight on overall fitness in the Australian community.

Whether you need a wall-mounted Dingo rack or a cleverly-designed Koala, Kazed has just the right bike parking rack for your needs.

View our full range of commercial bike racks below and contact us today to find out more.

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