Our mission

To develop practical solutions to progress Australian manufacturing.

Our platform

We believe…

  • That continual pursuit of quality and standards forms the basis for customer satisfaction and service
  • That relentless training and development of our staff drives continuous improvement
  • That operating in a competitive, efficient, sustainable manner provides the best outcome for the customer
  • In doing business ethically, pragmatically, and inclusively.

History: our companies

ABECK Group combined two innovative and successful companies.

A Bending Company

A Bending Company

Tube and pipe bending solutions

A Bending Company Pty Ltd was a dynamic mid-sized ‘build to print’ engineering company specialising in structural tube, pipe and section components, fabricated to customers’ standards.

Founded in 1991, A Bending Company provided engineering services to a variety of clients in Australia and internationally and were a preferred supplier for leading manufacturers.

Our services were used by companies in oil and gas, mining, manufacturing, commercial construction, defence, infrastructure and utilities.


Kazed Industrial Group

Built up to a standard, not down to a price

Kazed Industrial Solutions was Australia’s leading distributor of modular pipe fittings found in a range of applications such as guard railings, safety barriers, handrails, balustrades, racking and roof edge protection.

Established in 2004, Kazed Industrial Group expanded from the original modular fittings concept into a portfolio of diverse safety and labour saving solutions for industry.

We supplied professional engineering products and services to clients throughout Australia in mining, building and construction, transportation, ship building, defence, offshore platforms, power generation and water utilities, and other sectors.