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Our Platform

We Hold True…

To the spirit of the Australian manufacturing industry, which pulses with an unwavering dedication to quality and high standards. This not only forms the heart of our quest for impeccable customer satisfaction but also forges the path to first-rate service.

In the land Down Under, where we hone our skills amidst its industrious heart, we instill in our team a sense of endless growth and learning. With relentless training and development, we empower our staff to reach new heights and drive our progress ever forward.

We firmly believe that the Australian spirit of competitiveness, efficiency, and sustainability forms the sturdy foundation of our business. This attitude translates into providing the very best outcomes for our customers, echoing the strong ethos of Aussie resilience and resourcefulness.

In our journey, we tread the path of ethical, pragmatic, and inclusive business conduct. We not only believe in doing business – we believe in doing it the Australian way, fostering an atmosphere that respects diversity, encourages growth, and breeds innovation. Embracing these values, we aim to contribute meaningfully to the rich tapestry of the Australian manufacturing scene, crafting a brighter tomorrow with every step we take.

ABECK Group: A Synthesis of Innovative Engineering Solutions

ABECK Group represents the unification of two pioneering and prosperous companies, A Bending Company Pty Ltd and Kazed Industrial Solutions. Founded in 1991, A Bending Company became an agile mid-sized ‘build to print’ engineering firm, carving a niche for itself by specializing in structural tube, pipe, and section components, tailored to meet the customer’s standards. From oil and gas to defence, infrastructure, and utilities, their services found a global application, making them a favourite among leading manufacturers. On the other hand, Kazed Industrial Solutions, established in 2004, emerged as Australia’s foremost distributor of modular pipe fittings used extensively in guard railings, safety barriers, handrails, balustrades, racking, and roof edge protection. The group gradually grew beyond the original modular fittings concept, bringing a range of diverse safety and labour saving solutions to the table. Serving a broad client base in numerous sectors, including mining, construction, transportation, defence, offshore platforms, power generation, and water utilities. Together, A Bending Company and Kazed Industrial Solutions uphold the ethos of the ABECK Group, delivering quality services that are built up to a standard, not down to a price.