Logistics aren’t an issue when it’s made locally

Logistics aren’t an issue when it’s made locally

This year Australian businesses have been devastated by COVID-19.

Supply chain disruptions across the globe have forced manufacturers to shut down, risking hundreds of jobs. Many contracts have been lost and economies have been driven to the brink of collapse.

Here in Australia our local businesses have suffered. Many are still struggling to recover, fronting losses that may take years to bounce back from.

The pandemic has illustrated how problematic our reliance on overseas supply chains can be.

According to KPMG:

The shutdown of entire industries and countries during the COVID-19 crisis has caused disruption to global supply chains that many businesses would have thought unimaginable. To avoid disruption on this scale again, companies will critically re-examine their supply chains and restructure flows and networks to build resilience and seek to avoid over-dependency on a particular country or region.

As a business that produces 100% of its content locally, we are proud to say that we were here to urgently pick up the pieces for many manufacturing projects. While many businesses pulled-back during this turbulent time, we doubled down and invested in cutting-edge machinery to offer the fastest and best quality built to print content around.

By using a local supplier, you’ll ensure things are made to the highest quality Australian standards. We’ll achieve the tailored solutions you want every time, as soon as you need us, wherever you are. When it’s made locally, logistics aren’t an issue.

Buying local also contributes to a reduced carbon footprint. It’s worth noting that our production facility incorporates solar panels and bio-diesel co-generation to reduce our reliance on the grid and helping us to reach our goal of zero emissions.

Most importantly, when you source locally, you’re keeping money in the Australian economy – and that’s exactly what we need right now to help industries get back on their feet.