Case study: Chevron

Case study: Chevron

We recently supplied a bump rail and ladder assembly for a production facility at Chevron’s Gorgon Project in WA.

This unmanned well head platform had significant wear and tear. Corrosion had compromised the integrity of the assembly. Of particular concern to the client was the old bump rail and ladder. A new ladder assembly was urgently needed for crews to safely dock and climb onto that part of the facility.

We were called in by Rhino Consulting to help.

Installers were concerned that the new component would not fit properly, making it more complicated and less reliable to use. 

But in this instance, the precision and quality of the new ladder assembly we created made installation a formality, and the client expressed their relief and gratitude.

Our expertise is in crafting and manufacturing engineered, built to print structural components and related solutions. We see ourselves as more than a company that sells components. Our clients rely upon our expertise and the solutions we can provide to their logistical challenges like this one.

Flawless assembly

Client representative Stan Kopec, expressed appreciation for the quality of our work.

“Everyone is happy with the result. We have used (and at times abused) the bump rails since the installation and so far there has been no movement even following a few decent bumps with the boat,” he said.

“The fit was perfect. The long studs I had to pull the clamp rings together were not required due to the accuracy of fabrication. The finished result has the planned 100mm gap between clamp ring flanges.”

We are proud that our precision assembly created an even better fit than typically given. The client found that our ladder assembly exceeded their high expectations.

Quality solutions

Our goal is to do our best job, on every job, exceeding client expectations, and supporting our partners with top tier solutions. We always go the extra mile for our customers.

In this case, not only did the client appreciate our attention to detail and the reliable product solution, they were proud to support a local manufacturer for the job.