Case Study: Chevron

Case Study: Chevron

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At ABECK Group, our mission lies in crafting, manufacturing, and selling Engineered, ‘Build to Print’ Structural Components and related solutions to customers and clients throughout Australia.

We see ourselves as more than a company that sells components. Companies across Australia rely upon our expertise and our reputation for excellent quality work to provide solutions to their engineering challenges.

At ABECK, we take pride in the fact that what we do support the Australian manufacturing and business community. They appreciate how our durable products and reliable solutions help them to perform their jobs better, making for a more competitive country in the global marketplace.

Importantly, we invest our best effort into every project for any customer, no matter how large or small the scale and scope.

ABECK’s Fabrication and Repair Work

Recently, we supplied a bump rail and ladder assembly for a Chevron production facility on Thevenard Island. On an unmanned well head monopod platform sat a simple rig housing three oil wells, the well control gear, chemical injection equipment, and the terminal points of several undersea pipelines.

The company had decommissioned the entire facility some time ago and planned for its eventual demolition.

Over the passage of years, the facility experienced normal wear and tear from weather, seasonal changes, constant exposure to corrosive saltwater-laden winds, and other factors. Despite its abandonment, company officials were concerned that areas had become unsafe. The demolition teams required the repair of unsafe areas.

The company needed a reliable and industry respected company to perform the work, so they reached out to us.

An area of particular concern was the bump rail and ladder assembly. Their boats dock there, and the assembly enables crews to safely climb into that part of the facility.

Furthermore, the decommissioning of the facility meant that other points of access, such as the platform helipad, could no longer accommodate individuals or teams seeking to access the facility.

Corrosion and wear had compromised the integrity of the assembly. The company needed help quickly to maintain its schedule.

Precision Assembly and Commitment to Safety

According to client representative Stan Kopec, the client expressed great appreciation for the quality of work.

Mr Kopec stated that “everyone is happy with the result.” He went on to explain that “We have used (and at times abused) the bump rails since the installation and so far there has been no movement even following a few decent bumps with the boat.”

The company felt concerned that the new assembly would not fit properly, which would make the assembly more complicated and less safe to use. According to Kopec, “ the fit was perfect, and the long studs I had to pull the clamp rings together were not required due to the accuracy of fabrication. The finished result has the planned 100mm gap between clamp ring flanges.”

In other words, the assembly precision created an even better fit than typically given. The client was ecstatic that the final result exceeded their high expectations.

Meeting Client Needs with High‐Quality Solutions

We share this story of a job well done and a satisfied client to demonstrate our commitment to providing high-quality engineering solutions.

Did we have to go the extra mile to make sure that a bump rail on a decommissioned oil rig fit as securely and precisely as possible when average would have been more than sufficient? No, but we chose to go that step further for our customer

Our goal as a company is doing our best on every job, exceeding client expectations, and supporting other companies with top tier solutions.

We appreciate Stan’s business and his expression of thanks for a job that our team performed well. For all of our clients, this explains what we strive to achieve each and every time we perform a job.