Modular Handrail experts appoint new Business Development Manager for Western Australia

Modular Handrail experts appoint new Business Development Manager for Western Australia

ABECK Group continues to grow its Perth operations with the recent appointment of Jake van Rensburg as its Business Development Manager. Jake has over 23 years’ experience in business and management in Australia, the USA and New Zealand. He has a proven track record of delivering results and he will be a strong advocate for ABECK Group.

Developing into one of Australia’s most respected, innovative suppliers of Industrial Engineered Products, ABeCK Group brings together two vibrant, energetic companies with proven track records of delivering customer satisfaction;

Founded in 1991, A Bending Company Pty Ltd, is a dynamic, midsized ‘build to print’ engineering company specializing in structural tube, pipe and section components, formed and fabricated to customers’ standards. Established in response to a marketplace demanding a higher level of service throughout industry, A Bending Company has achieved a significant market share due to its ability to listen and respond to the needs of customers.

Kazed Industrial Solutions, launched in 2004, has expanded from the original modular fittings concept into a portfolio of diverse safety & labour saving solutions for industry. It has become the supplier of choice for leading Australian construction, infrastructure and manufacturing companies.

Modular handrail systems provide a simple, no-nonsense approach. They are designed to take the hard work out of the project. No welding, no drilling, no threading makes this system safe, easy to install and gives you the strength and flexibility to make changes on site without the need to enter into complex and costly redesigning or reworks. It’s as simple as building Lego! The range includes disability handrails, guard rails, pedestrian barriers, balustrades, bikeway barriers and modular pipe structures. Engineers and Maintenance Managers can spend less time designing and planning.

“Modular handrails are the solution that major companies turn to here in the west. Shutdowns are easier to plan and manage. Modular systems don’t need hot work permits and customers know they can save cost, and still maintain the highest safety standards on mining sites and platforms,” according to Trevor Hardwick, General Manager of a leading maintenance contractor.

ABECK Group supplies specialized engineering products and services to a wide variety of clients throughout Australia. Diverse industry sectors such as Mining, Building & Construction, Transportation, Ship Building, Defence, Offshore Platforms, Power Generation and Water Utilities use modular handrail systems.

ABECK continues to develop key relationships with local and overseas manufacturers and has a strong track record of delivering the right solution, at the right time.

Contact Jake van Rensburg via phone on 1800 236 337 or 0406 321 805


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