Seven reasons you should be buying local

Seven reasons you should be buying local

Here are seven reasons why you should be buying from an Australian owned and operated business.

It keeps money in the local economy

Research shows that for every $100 spent in a locally owned business more than $83 is likely to stay here versus less than $29 when spent with a foreign owned business.

You will keep profits and taxes in the Australian economy

How often do you hear of profits going offshore and multi-nationals paying almost no tax? Profits retained in our economy help balance the budget and provide much needed services that benefit Australians from all walks of life.

You will help maintain a local manufacturing base and help retain much needed skills in Australia

Trade skills are like riding a bike, you never forget. As a nation, can we afford not to teach trade skills to our kids and grandkids? If not, those skills will be lost forever. Imagine a whole generation that doesn’t know how to ride a bike? That could happen to our trade skills.

You’ll be taking advantage of our home grown expertise

Locally owned business have a vested interest in knowing how best to serve you. So why not take advantage of knowing that the owner of the business you buy from is a fellow Australian and will be more than likely to have your best interests at heart.

You will help retain and create Australians jobs

Local companies are better at creating higher paying jobs for local people. Every direct job in manufacturing leads to another 4.3 jobs in the local economy.

You will be buying products built to Australian safety, quality and environmental standards

Can you be sure that the product you buy will be made to the standards that you expect?

You’ll be getting value for money

Australian made products are something we can all be proud of, products built up to a standard, not down to a price.

What excuse will you use for not buying Australian made goods?

Buying from an Australian owned and operated company makes sense. Before every purchase, take a few minutes to consider where your money will go, make a conscious decision to support your local business owner.

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