Eastern Treatment Alliance selects Kazed as preferred supplier

Eastern Treatment Alliance selects Kazed as preferred supplier

Kazed Industrial Solutions has recently completed the supply contract for the modular handrail systems as part of the recent upgrade at the Easter Treatment plant in Carrum. Plant managers were frustrated with the old style ‘ball stanchion’ handrails, an out-dated method due to major concerns with rusting and high maintenance costs. The project was well under way and a solution was needed fast and the answer was modular pipe fittings by Master Klamp, distributed Australia wide by Kazed Industrial Solutions.

The Master Klamp range of pipe fittings enables you to build different configurations of handrail, guardrail and safety barriers with a minimum of fuss. No welding, no threading, no bolting, the versatile nature of installation was just one of the reasons that Master Klamp modular handrails were chosen by the Eastern Treatment Alliance on this important infrastructure project.

Master Klamp is one of the leading manufacturers of pipe fittings in the world due to its exclusive design and unlimited installation configurations. Any variations on site are dealt with quickly and cost effectively ensuring that costly delays do not occur and being fully modular, no specialist trades or tools are needed on site enabling you to install in full, on time and under budget. Additionally, Master Klamp reduces the reliance on traditional welded systems, providing high corrosion resistance.

A project manager from one installation contractor commented that “Master Klamp made our life so much easier, we saved a lot of time by not having to pre fabricate in the factory as welding was not permitted on site so we could just go there a build the handrails like a big meccano set and any time a change was made by the site foreman it didn’t cost us any extra and we could finish the job on time when changes usually mean we are stuck there for longer”

On your next project, consider Master Klamp modular handrail systems. For more information contact Kazed Industrial Solutions on  1 800 236 337 or visit the website at: www.kazed.com.au