Platform Handrail – Roof edge protection

Platform Handrail – Roof edge protection

Kazed Industrial Solutions offers the next generation alternative to traditional welded handrail systems using Kee Lite aluminium & Kee Klamp galvanised safety components. The railing systems are designed to reduce the difficulty of installing and repairing platform handrail

Kee Klamp has released the KeeGuard modular roof edge protection system. They are tested to AS 1657: 1992 and use a small number of light components for quick and easy installation. The system has also been designed to have an unobtrusive appearance.

It is comprised of prefabricated components including a main upright, a main counterbalance and free end assemblies, designed for use on runs where no wall fixing is available. All assemblies are designed for use with 42.4mm and 48.3mm outside diameter tubing and standard fittings from the Kee Klamp range. It is suitable for roof edge guardrailing, walkway demarcation, and stairwell, open lift shaft and other fall prevention applications. The system also allows for integral kickboard fixing to save even greater time and cost on site.

Adjustable uprights allow up to 11° raking movement, providing a more discrete appearance viewed from ground level. The system does not penetrate the roof membrane. It is suitable for new or existing roof structures and is versatile enough to adapt to most roof edge profiles and changes in levels. Sections can be taken down and re-erected as necessary, should existing buildings or roof areas be extended or altered in any way. All areas in contact with the roof have an anti-slip rubber pad.

The system uses a galvanised finish for long-lasting, reliable performance. Fittings are also supplied with case-hardened steel grub screws incorporating KeeKoat corrosion protection. The screws provide a strong, rigid, maintenance-free connection for the lifetime of an installation.

The system requires no special skills or tools to install.