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Hunter Class frigate program

ABECK Group are delighted to be working with BAE Systems Maritime Australia to manufacture and supply flowforge grating components for the prototyping phase of the Hunter Class frigate program. The program is establishing Australia’s sovereign industrial capability and the next generation of warships. Learn more

Computer rendered illustration of the Hunter class frigate Navy ship


Australian manufacturing’s quality add-ons

Australian manufacturers invest heavily in equipment, technology, workplace safety, industrial relations partnerships and remuneration for their skilled workforce. We choose to do these things because we value quality, innovation and most importantly, our people. Learn more

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Handrails for the new Avon River Bridge

We are proud to have been a tier supplier for handrails on the new Avon River Bridge at Stratford, Victoria. It’s part of Rail Projects Victoria’s upgrade of the Gippsland Line which will deliver improved train services to the growing communities of Gippsland. Learn more

An artists render of the Avon River Bridge


Australian made grating

We can offer you a comprehensive range of steel grating and platforms. It is all forged in Australian steel with the strength, toughness and resilience you need. From FRP grating, metal stair treads and walkway mesh, we help our clients keep things moving (and ensure safety). Learn more

Industrial grating


It’s time to bring manufacturing back to Australia

Are you experiencing supply chain interruptions due to the pandemic? If so, now is the time to review your overseas supply chain and support Australian manufacturing and careers. There’s never been a better time to buy Australian and support our local manufacturing industry. Read our thoughts



Pipe bending services

We have a focus on structural tube, pipe and section components that are formed and fabricated to your needs. The costs of tooling-up for manufacturing components that require metal bending or coiling can be huge. We are the ‘bending department’ for manufacturers around Australia who want to contain their costs and maintain high quality standards. Don’t bend over backwards trying to solve your problems, contact us for a quote or learn more.

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Handrail systems

ABECK is a premier Australian manufacturer of steel handrail systems. We are well-known for our ability to tackle tough projects and deliver high quality and innovative solutions. We offer:

  • innovative and versatile modular pipe and rail fittings, metal handrails and modular handrail systems
  • construction of safety barriers, railings and racks, greenhouses and structural frameworks
  • fittings that require no threading or welding (they use a standard hex key for convenience).

Contact us to discuss your next project or learn more.

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